b'Protect Your Customers and Install Wireless with ConfidenceUNIQUE PRODUCT FEATURESTWO-WAY WIRELESS SENSORSKnow if an alarm has been activated before entering with on-demand status inquiry and LED indicatorELKs Two-Way Wireless products incorporate advanced features to ensure secure transmissions, increase reliability, extend battery life, simplify installation, and provide innovative security enhancements.Encrypted transmissions, frequencyMeet fire codes with Sound All Smoke hopping and jamming detection make& Heat Detectors featuring wirelessly it virtually impossible to lock on to theactivated synchronized sounderssignal providing increased immunity to hacking.Every signal from each sensor is acknowledged by the transceiver to ensure reliability and stop repeat transmissions, saving battery life.Bi-color LEDs confirm signals haveEliminate trips up the ladder and simplify been received, saving installationmotion detector testing with keypad activated steps and time. walk test mode and test confirmation with a bright white LED36'