28 Terminal Blocks for M1 Gold Controls Complete set of 6 plug-in "replacement" terminal blocks. • Includes various sizes needed for use with M1 Gold Controls • Terminal blocks are included with M1 Gold Kits • RoHS Compliant ELK-M1BLOCKS 7 62158 55028 7 4-Pin Ribbon Cable Used for connecting expanders and other peripherals to the M1 Gold Control. • 4 pin keyed connector • Approx. 18" long • RoHS Compliant ELK-W018B 7 62158 55066 9 Other Accessories M1 Controls & Accessories Ethernet to RS-232 Serial Bridge The ELK-IP232 may be used to connect any standard serial communications device to an Ethernet network. It is able to both initiate and accept network connections. Once a network connection is made, the remote networked device is virtually connected to the serial device on the other side of the Bridge. Both the network device and the serial device can send and receive messages to and from each other. • Supports both UDP and TCP protocols • Up to 12 simultaneous TCP-IP connections • Up to twelve (12) "Rules" may be programmed to make outgoing connections • Selectable baud rate from 300 to 115200 baud • 802.3 compliant 10/100 Mbit interface • Software and Hardware Handshaking • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts DC • Current Draw: Approx. 135 mA • Dimensions: 3.85"L x 1.7"W x 0.93"D • RS-232, DB9M 9-pin serial port connection • RJ45 8-pin Network Jack • LED Indicators for Power, Link, and Data • Includes: Serial Cable and 12V Supply • RoHS Compliant 7 62158 55064 5 ELK-IP232 M1 Serial Port (RS-232) Expander, Thermostat/Lighting Interface Additional serial port(s) for M1 Controls to interface other manufacturers' equipment utilizing RS-232 ASCII commands. • Allows M1 to interface with communicating thermostats and lighting controls* • Adjustable baud rate 300 to 38400 • Up to 7 M1XSP Expanders may be added to the M1 controls • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts DC • Current Draw: 31mA • Housing Size: 4.375" x 3" x 1.125" • Circuit Board Size: 3.5" x 2.75" • RoHS Compliant Some Partner Manufacturers; such as AMX, Control 4, and Crestron, choose to interface through the main serial port or ELK-M1XEP Ethernet Interface. Visit www.elkproducts.com for more details and a complete list of partner manufacturers. ELK-M1XSP 7 62158 55020 1 * Special serial interfaces are available for several lighting/thermostat partners. Please see page 27 for more information on these special interfaces. Voltage Output Conversion Board Converts 12 conductor ribbon cable connections to screw terminal connections. • Compatible with positive voltage outputs of M1 controls and M1XOVR output expanders • Simplifies connections for quicker and neater installations • Mounts on self-adhesive feet • Includes 6" ribbon cable • Dimensions: 1"W x 3"H x .625"D ELK-M1VO 7 62158 55087 4 Dual Battery Wires for M1 Controls Increase the back-up battery capacity of M1 control by installing dual back-up batteries. Replaces factory battery wires. • Increases standby power time in the event of a AC power outage • Ideal for commercial or large residential installations • 2 Pairs, 24" long • Red (+) wires are fuse protected at 5 Amps ELK-W119 7 62158 55119 2