b'ABM1 INTERFACES FOR INTEGRATIONPart Integrates with Lights Shades Thermostats Automation Platforms/Interfaces Digital AssistantsM1PCSPIM UPB PulseWorx M1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESSimply AutomatedM1XEP Universal DevicesInsteon Z-Wave Allonis OvrC Amazon AlexaISY Z-Wave AMX RTI Google HomeClare SavantControl4 URCCrestron VantageKey DigitalM1XSLC Lutron CastaCastaHomeworks QSHomeworks QS Homeworks QSRA2 Select RA2 SelectM1XSLU Lutron RadioRA 2 RadioRA 2 RadioRA 2M1XSP Hardwired AprilaireThermostats RCSOmnistatsCarrierA.ELK-M1XSLUM1 to Lutron RadioRA 2 InterfaceThe M1XSLU is a dedicated M1 serial expander for connecting M1 Controls to a Lutron RadioRA 2 Main Repeater RadioRA 2 is a wireless multi-room control system for Lights, Shades, and HVAC ThermostatsActivity/Status LED (Orange) Operating Voltage: 12 VDCAddressable (1-7) TYPE 5 Databus ID Current Draw: 31mAConnection to Main Repeater: RS-232 Cable (included) Housing Dimensions: 425" x 6375" x 2125" 7 62158 55085 0Connection to M1: Elevator Screw Terminals (4) Circuit Board: 275" x 395"RoHS CompliantB.ELK-M1XSLCM1 Interface Kit for Lutron Casta Wireless, RA2 Select, or HomeWorks QSThe ELK-M1XSLC interface kit contains the ELK components (ELK-M1XSLU and ELK-IP232) required for integration with Lutron Casta Wireless lights and shades, RA2 Select lights and shades, or HomeWorks QS devices (lights, shades, and thermostats)ELK-M1XSLU ELK-IP232Connects to M1 data bus and to IP232 via RS232 andConnects to Lutron Smartbridge Pro, RA2 Select Main null modem (included) Repeater, or Homeworks QS Processor 7 62158 55088 1Lutron, Casta, HomeWorks, and RadioRA 2, and RA2 Select are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lutron Electronics Co, Inc in the US and/or other countries28'