6 Powerful, Flexible and Intelligent Solutions for Residential and Commercial Applications M1 controls deliver uncompromising security. An advanced microprocessor provides increased immunity to hacking. Connectivity and communications are protected by multi-level authentication and superior encryption. M1 goes beyond security with environmental monitoring and flexible control solutions. ROCK SOLID SECURITY AND LIFE SAFETY PLATFORM • Comprehensive detection and reporting capabilities for intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, medical emergencies, water leaks, high/low temperatures, etc. • Easy system expansion supports a large zone capacity - hardwired or wireless. • Two-way wireless sensors, with multi-level security to prevent hacking, easily expand existing installations and simplify new ones. • Automatic arming/ disarming based on schedule or occupancy. • Create a safer environment and deter intruders with lighting control. ACCESS CONTROL • Door and gate entry control for multiple entry points with partitioning and scheduling capabilities. • User credential options include proximity cards/fobs, pin codes, and biometrics. • Enhanced access control capabilities through cloud based services increase user and entry point capacity. Other benefits are powerful user management tools, expanded scheduling and event logging options. • Monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity to receive alerts of unsatisfactory conditions. A great option for wine cellars, computer server rooms, coolers/freezers, greenhouses, animal habitats, etc. • Automatically turn water off and provide notification when a leak is detected. • Outdoor beams and motion sensors can be used to provide alerts regarding visitors, deliveries, etc. • Voice alerts provide notifications for pool safety, door left/held open, customer information, restricted areas, etc. • Use activity monitoring to help caregivers keep watch over loved ones. PROTECT MONITOR