47 Battery LifeTester™ A compact, easy to use service tool for testing 12 Volt rechargeable batteries. The BLT measures internal conductivity (Mhos), which is the best indicator of a battery’s health and life expectancy. The BLT operates as follows: For each battery brand and size installed, start by measuring and recording a baseline Mhos reading. Then, during any service call or inspection, simply measure and record the current (most recent) Mhos reading. Always compare the current Mhos reading with the original reading. When the current Mhos reading has reached at or around 71% of the original baseline then it is time to consider replacing the battery. • Compact, low cost, and easy to use • 3 digit display • Does not discharge or damage the battery • Includes self-adhesive test data labels for recording battery readings • Includes hard shell, protective carrying case • Powered by the battery under test - warns when the battery voltage is too low for testing • RoHS Compliant • Size 4.4" W x 3" H x 1.15" D • Coated clips to connect to battery • Lifetime Limited Warranty 7 62158 80010 8 Self-adhesive Test Data Labels, 100 Pack ELK-BLTLABELS 7 62158 80002 3 ELK-BLT Low Battery Cutoff & Master Power Switch Total power control for any 12V control panel or power supply. Disconnects battery if voltage falls below 10VDC as a result of extended AC power outage. Convenient On/Off switch for manual disconnect. ELK-965 7 62158 00965 5 • Eliminates "run-away" panel headaches • Automatic low battery cutoff protects battery from deep discharge • Installer friendly - small compact size • Includes AC wires & battery leads • RoHS Compliant • Lifetime Limited Warranty • Works with most 12 Volt DC Control Panels or power supplies • AC Power Leads: 18 AWG, 18" Length • Maximum Transformer Size: 18 VAC • Battery Leads: 18 AWG, 18" Length • Low Battery Cutoff Voltage: ~10VDC SAVE with 20 Piece Bulk Packs 7 62158 10965 2 ELK-965B20 7 62158 00964 8 Master Power Switch Only, 20 Piece Bulk Pack ELK-964B20 Other Power Products Power 10 Watt Audio Amplifier This compact amplifier is ideal for telephone paging, PA, custom voice or alarm annunciation. ELK-800 7 62158 00800 9 • No need for 25V or 70V Line Transformers • Can drive multiple 8 Ohm speakers • Requires only 22-24 gauge telco wire • Built-in Volume Control • Short circuit protection • Output: 10 Watts • Input Impedance: 1000 Ohms Nominal • Speaker Load: 8 Ohm Nom., 2 Ohm Min. • Color: Black • Operating Voltage: 12 to 24 Volts AC or DC • Current draw: 50 mA Nom., 800 mA Max. • Size: 4.5" x 3" x 1.2" • RoHS Compliant • Lifetime Limited Warranty RJ31X Telco Jack & Cord For use with Alarm System Communicators, Line Fault devices, or other equipment as a means of connecting to the incoming telephone line. 7 62158 80017 7 ELK-RJSET • 2 foot, 8 conductor cord with modular plug on one end and spade terminals on the other • FCC approved - UL listed as a Communication Circuit Accessory • Lifetime Limited Warranty • USOC RJ31X 8 pin modular jack • Built-in pass through shorting bars • Gold plated connector pins • Includes self adhesive foam mounting pad • RoHS Compliant Communication Accessories Communication Accessories