b'REMOTE CONTROL APPS & SERVICESFeature Overview & Comparison ChartElkLink eKeypad Pro M1 Touch Pro Connect ONE PlanetM1 Cloud M1ToGoFEATURESArm/Disarm M1 CONTROLS & ACCESSORIESView HistoryView Zone Status Bypass Zones Activate F-Keys View/Control Automated DevicesManage Multiple SystemsInstaller BrandingOptionsView Surveillance CamerasNOTIFICATIONSEmail AlertsPush Notifications** Monthly subscription and additional hardware requiredCOSTPrice/Frequency$139.99/one-time $59.99/Varies/Month$2.99/month Note: Pricing subject to change FREE or 5.99/month one-time Pricing based on$9.99/3-monthsFREEenabled features $25.99/yearWho is Billed - Installer or End User Installer End User -End UserSPECIFICATIONSConnection Method Direct Direct Direct Cloud Cloud DirectCompatibleC1M1LTEV C1M1LTEVC1M1LTEVM1XEP M1XEP C1M1LTEVHardware M1XEP M1XEP M1XEPPlatforms Supported Android, iOS/iOS Android Android, iOS, Android, iOS WindowsWeb Browser Web Browser25'